M.U.E.T-Minimum Band 4 Layak Sambung Degree?

ni pasal MUET plak..

dgr cte, skrg nk smbng dgree kene band 4..

btul ke?xpun just gossip liar utk students lebih berusaha?hehehe

lagipun,MUET bkn snng nk score kn?

 so, ape komen korang? ok tak usul baru ni?


4 thoughts on “M.U.E.T-Minimum Band 4 Layak Sambung Degree?

  1. Bout the muet test..for those who are sitting for muet, u have too at LEAST get a band 3..that’s the passing mark..but i’m sure most of u would like to score higher right? Muet is a hard test..so we have to practice so that we won’t feel akward when when we seat for the test..Well i just wanna say ALL THE BEST!!

    ps/ I dont wanna say GOOD LUCK coz u guys don’t need it..u have it already..Just do your best and keep practicing..PEACE!!!

  2. salam….hem…btul ke kne band 4 bru leh smbung degree?
    yg sye dgr plak,klu dpt brp pn xksh…
    tp,bla msk uitm nnt kne attend utk english class…
    bkn class bel tau…tp special class….
    tp xtau ar brite ni tul ke x….
    2 cme kbr2 yg sye dgr je…..
    klu nk tau lbih lnjt,tnye ar kat koordinator msing2…

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